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Deciding what to blog about today was quite difficult. Do I discuss my upcoming 30th birthday in Hawaii??? Do I vent about my struggles with parenthood? Is this the venue to express my confusion as to why my husband gave our two year old Mt. Dew soda because she was throwing a fit and he had no other ideas????? (Yes, Mt. Dew!!!! I know, right). Since I don't want everyone out there to know what a brat I am, I will instead discuss my impending birthday.
I have waited for your 30th birthday for almost 30 years. A day doesn't go by that I am not asked my age, assumed to be a teenager, or spoken to like a child. During my few months working at Chaffey I had a student refuse my service because "I don't want a child trying to register me into college. You should be planning for prom or painting your nails". (True story)
There was also the day I was in my car before work, parked in a staff spot. A woman approached my car and knocked on my window. I rolled it down slowly, slightly concerned with her intention. She says "I am a faculty member and this spot is reserved for faculty. You need to move your car." I replied "This spot is designated for staff and faculty, and I am staff." The deep frown lines on her face increased and through clenched teeth she said "Student workers are not considered staff. You need to move your car young lady!" At this point I felt like backing up my Lexus 300 RX and rolling over her foot, but I kept my cool and said "I am not a student worker. I am a full time permanent employee who has the same right as you do to park in this place. If you need further clarification I suggest you speak to the Campus Police Department." With that I rolled up the window, turned up Bill Handel on KFI and literally tuned her out.
Now, what does turning 30 have to do with all of this? I have been waiting for the chance to say "I'm in my 30s" to all of the people who look at me like a child. This includes my mom and dad, my grandma, my son and daughter, my husband, the majority of my students, the majority of the faculty and staff here, my neighbors, everyone at church who keeps trying to direct me to the children's service (not even the teens! Come on, we have to do better), animals, the people at the movie theatre and all of the bartenders in Vegas.
"I'M IN MY THIRTIES". What makes this even sweeter is the fact that I will be starting a doctorate program in the I will be able to look all of my the doubters in the face and say "I'm in my thirties and I am a doctor- Deal with it!"

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