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Q.    What is MyChaffey?
A.    MyChaffey is Chaffey's web portal providing easy access to Registration, Library Resources, Important Notifications, Student Email and other information all through one single sign-on in one location.
Q.    Who can/will use it?
A.    Chaffey College students, faculty, and staff who have their date of birth and a valid e-mail address on file, will have access to the Portal:
•   Students can access Moodle for on-line courses, register for classes, check grades, access their educational plans, read important messages and more.
•   Faculty and staff can access multiple applications (e.g., Moodle, CurricuNET, Outlook, and MyChaffeyVIEW), read important messages, access college and local news, view the college events calendar, and more.
Q.    What browsers are supported with the MyChaffey portal?
A.   The most current versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers work best.
Q.    How can I access MyChaffey Portal?
A.    To access MyChaffey Portal from any location, do the following:
 •   Go to https://my.chaffey.edu
 •   Your ID is your first name initial and last name initial in lowercase plus your 7-digit Chaffey College ID number (e.g., Charlie Chaffey's ID would be cc0323232).
 •   Your initial password is your 6-digit birth date in the MMDDYY format (no spaces – 081459).
 •   You will be required to change your password and set up your security/password reset questions the FIRST time you log into the Portal.
Q.    How can I access my Chaffey Email Account?
A.    Starting with the Spring 2015 term, any student registered in a credit class will be assigned a Chaffey email account.  Once a student's email account is created, the student will have access to that account via the portal.  
        •   Your email account name will be displayed on the portal student main page.
        •   You access your email account using the Email icon located on the portal student main page.
Q.    Why do I have to set up the Password Reset questions?
A.    If you forget your password in the future, you may reset it after successfully answering the security questions anytime 24/7.
Q.    Why should I log out when using a public computer?
A.    If you don't log out of the Portal when using a public computer, other people may be able to access private information, such as your college ID, grades, address, etc. To log out, click Sign Out, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the Home page/screen. After logging out, be sure to close all copies of your browser. Closing the browser windows will help ensure the security of your account.
Q.    Having problems logging in?
A.    You can reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password link on the login page: https://my.chaffey.edu/. Please note that you need to set up the security questions before hand.
Q.    How can I access Moodle, MyChaffeyVIEW, and other tools?
A.    Once you log into MyChaffey, you will see the links to Student Email, MyChaffeyVIEW, and other self-service applications to which you have access in the QuickLaunch Navigation section, located on the left-hand side of the page. Simply click on the desired application to launch it.
Q.    I can't see all of the icons at the bottom in MyChaffeyVIEW. How do I fix this?
A.    Try adjusting the zoom for your screen. Recommended viewing size is 90% for a 15-inch monitor.

Q.    This is my first time using the portal applications. Is there any setup required?
A.    The first time you sign into the portal, you must first set up and save your security questions and change and save your portal password. You must also enter your application username and password before using the applications, as follows:
•     Moodle – If applicable, click on the Moodle icon, enter your Moodle username and password, and then click on SAVE.
•     Outlook Mail Exchange (Faculty and Staff ONLY) – If applicable, click on the Outlook Exchange icon, enter your username and password, and then click on SAVE.
•     CurricUNET (Faculty and Staff ONLY) – If applicable, click on the CurricUNET icon, enter your CurricUNET username and password, and then click on OK.
Q.    I made a mistake while setting up my application security.  How can I fix it?
A.    In the QuickLaunch Navigation area of the screen, (1) Click on the Edit Preferences link. The applications available to you will display. (2) Click on the name of the application you wish to correct. The system defaults to allow you to reset both the username and password. Verify the checkbox next to the element (username and/or password) you wish to change is selected, and then click on Reset to reset the username, password, or both. (3) Click on the Go Back to View Mode link to exit the preferences page.
        On the Portal homepage, click on the desired application. The initial setup(s) fields will display. Enter the appropriate information, and then click on SAVE to save the changes. 
Q.    I don't remember my security questions for the Portal.  How can I reset them?
A.    Once you have successfully logged onto the Portal, click on the Menu drop down arrow, and then select My Account. Select the Update Password Reset Questions option on the left side of the screen. Enter the information for the three security questions, and then click on SAVE. Click on the Home tab to return to the Portal homepage.
Q.    I got timed out while on MyChaffeyVIEW. What do I do?
A.    Simply click on the MyChaffeyVIEW icon on the portal homepage. You will still be logged in.
Q.    How can I get technical assistance for the Portal?
A.    Contact the portal administrator via e-mail at: portal.staff@chaffey.edu.

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